Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cranial ultrasound...

Friday Stella had her cranial u/s, because the NP at the Dr.'s office was a little concerned about the fact that her head was growing a little too fast (Macrocephaly) in the last few months. Well, the Radiologist after reviewing the results was not concerned in the least. He was actually somewhat surprised about their concern with it. He said the reason for her head size (which is completely in the norm) is that her body is just catching up with growth, and that's related to her prematurity.
We really like her NP, and we're glad that she's on top of things. Better catch things early than late. Now we're just waiting to see if she qualifies for a molding helmet...which doesn't look like she will. On a scale 1 to 10, they consider 1 to 3 normal, and Stella barely scrapes a 4. The health insurance requires at least a 5 and a half to qualify. We feel that it is our duty as parents to take care of everything we can for her right now, so that later on in life she will have less to worry about.
Well, looks like that's everything for now, but we'll keep updating as Stella's adventure continues...

Going for a walk in her bear outfit


Earl said...


Loretta Enders said...

Sweet baby Stella,
It is so wonderful to watch you grow and get stronger every day. What a fun little personality you have. It makes my day when you see me and bounce up and down while clapping. I feel like doing exactly the same thing!

Yesterday you went to a birthdat party at Aunt Jenny and Uncle Matt's and you loved being there with your cousins and other family members. You thought cousin Lindsay was so funny!

We are so thankful for this wonderful little miracle being part of our lives and we love you so much!!!!!

Grandpa and Grandma

Hollie said...

That photo just made me giggle. She is so stinkin' cute!!!! I'm glad that things seem to be going so well! Give her some great big hugs and kisses from me!
(My phone died on me and I lost your number, so here's mine just in case you still need it!)

Andy's Mommy said...

I remember visiting Stella in the NICU! I lost contact with your family and have thought about you often... What a beautiful girl she has grown up to be! I'm so impressed with how well she is doing. You can visit our family blog at and maybe my picture will remind you of who I am. Hope you guys are doing well! *hugs*