Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long time no post

It has been forever since we lasted posted. Yesterday was exactly a year since Stella had heart surgery. It seems like only yesterday we were waiting in the surgery waiting room petrified with fear. Each passing minute seemed like an eternity. She was in surgery for over six hours when Dr. Hawkins came out to tell us how things went. What an amazing man! He gave us the chance to take our baby home and be a family. We decided to celebrate the one year milestone with a shopping spree at Toys R Us. It was so fun to see Stella excited about all the toys around her. It was a great way for Stella, Stefano and I to honor all the trials which we have overcome this past year.

Stella is now crawling and she absolutely loves it! She chases Girl (our dog) around and pulls her tail. She can pull herself up on things and walks if we hold her hands. She is starting to jabber like crazy and it is so funny. We have no idea what she is saying but it is cute as can be.

Stella loves her veggies!

Mommy and Stella at Trolley Square fountain

Finally facing forward in the car!

Stella and Daddy on a walk

Best Buddies

Stella's new wheels!

There is not much more to report. Next month Stella will have a sedated echo to check out her heart. The thought of putting her out again really stresses us out. She will be fine though, because she is one tough little girl! We hope everyone is having a great summer and we will post again when there is something to write about.
Love, Sara, Stefano, and Stella