Friday, October 30, 2009

Finally an update!

Finally an update! We know, it's been awhile....seems life has a way of keeping you busy though.
Things have been pretty good lately (cross our fingers), Stella has been walking/Running now for a little over a month and she likes to get into EVERYTHING! We can't turn around one second, and she's either getting into her dirty clothes and spreading them out all over the place or chasing Girl (our dog) around the house harassing her. Stella loves to pretend to talk on the Cell phone, she walks around with it by her ear jabbering away and laughing like she's really carrying on a conversation with someone, it's the funniest thing ever!
Healthwise she's doing great, we are a little worried about this freaking H1N1 virus going around, but hopefully we'll be able to get her vaccinated soon. In my opinion it's just ridiculous how there' re having these mass vaccinations going on, like we're really going to stand outside in the cold for hours with Stella, around possibly sick people. The next thing will be her RVS shots starting in early November, and that should be it for awhile.
A few weeks ago we went to the IHH's Birthday party in Santaquin to a place called Southridge Red Barn (if I remember correctly), there, Stella was able to go and pick her own pumpkin from the patch. She was a little grumpy because of the weather being cold, but we had fun anyway.
It's just amazing how much she has grown, she's a little toddler now. Now we shop for 2T's and soon 3T's! Crazy! Stella is getting funnier and crazier by the day, she has the most amazing personality I've ever seen in a kid.
We sure hope everyone is doing well out there, and hope that your little ones stay clear of nasty viruses that are going around.
We've posted some pictures of Stella's trip to the patch, along with some pumpkin carving shots.

Mommy and Stella browsing the pumpkins

Stella with her blackberry

Mommy and Stella cleaning out the pumpkin

The artist

Stella and Girl in their costumes

She looks so big now

Stella dragging the hamper around the house while spreading clothes

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long time no post

It has been forever since we lasted posted. Yesterday was exactly a year since Stella had heart surgery. It seems like only yesterday we were waiting in the surgery waiting room petrified with fear. Each passing minute seemed like an eternity. She was in surgery for over six hours when Dr. Hawkins came out to tell us how things went. What an amazing man! He gave us the chance to take our baby home and be a family. We decided to celebrate the one year milestone with a shopping spree at Toys R Us. It was so fun to see Stella excited about all the toys around her. It was a great way for Stella, Stefano and I to honor all the trials which we have overcome this past year.

Stella is now crawling and she absolutely loves it! She chases Girl (our dog) around and pulls her tail. She can pull herself up on things and walks if we hold her hands. She is starting to jabber like crazy and it is so funny. We have no idea what she is saying but it is cute as can be.

Stella loves her veggies!

Mommy and Stella at Trolley Square fountain

Finally facing forward in the car!

Stella and Daddy on a walk

Best Buddies

Stella's new wheels!

There is not much more to report. Next month Stella will have a sedated echo to check out her heart. The thought of putting her out again really stresses us out. She will be fine though, because she is one tough little girl! We hope everyone is having a great summer and we will post again when there is something to write about.
Love, Sara, Stefano, and Stella

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 Year old!!!

Wow!!! We can't believe it! Stella is already a year old!
Time really flies, and we are truly grateful that we get to have Stella here with us. At times though we still wonder...why us? Why were we the ones chosen to have a heart kid? I think it's the very first question that every heart parent ask themselves when they first get the news. Next comes the moment of panic and despair, followed by fear of the unknown. Later tears...still trying to make some sort of sense out of all this....and finally, sweet acceptance. The fight begins.
As Sara and I sit here and watch our little Stella bounce around in her swing, throwing her hands in the air dancing, laughing, looking at us and smiling with that sweet little face...that's when it all makes sense.That's when we know we were the lucky ones.
Sorry about the rambling...couldn't help it.
Stella had an awesome birthday party! We decorated everything in pink princess theme. There were tons of balloons everywhere. Mommy had a custom cake made for her, half chocolate and half vanilla. Aunts, Uncles, and cousins showed up for the event, even Great-Grandma and her sister were able to make it. Stella knew it was a very special day for her and everyone else. She was also very exited with her new toys, all 1+years!
Well...I think that wraps it up for now. Soon we'll have an update with her 1 year check-up.

First taste of cake

Admiring her new toy

Cousin Lindsey playing

Staring at the Monkey

Grandma from Italy sent her a Children's book

Stella and the Pignata

Monday, April 20, 2009

11 Months old!

Stella is 11 Months old and we can't believe that in a month it's her first Birthday! Time has gone by so fast since she's been home, sad in a way because she's growing up too quickly. Stella lately has a lot to say, just yesterday she started to say Ma-Ma, and at times she likes to mix Pa-Pa/Da-Da together. Friday will be her last RSV shot for the season, which I'm sure she's exited about. Stella's Uncle Tim and Aunt Angie will be com ing from Missouri in a couple of days. This is the first time for them to see her. We wish her Cousins could come to, but she'll have to wait to mee t them until December when we go to Disney World

Monday, March 30, 2009

Stella's new space helmet...

Well...after all looks like Stella did qualify for a remolding helmet! The Prosthetist (person who gets the mold and fits the helmet) at -Fit-well- in Salt Lake City was pretty sure she wasn't going to qualify, but at the end she did. We are really exited about it, and at the same time a little sad for her. The thought of her having to go through more discomfort, considering everything she's already been through, really makes it hard to do. Stella being as tough as she is, got used to it within a couple hours. The helmet is made of plastic, so when we first put it on it's cold, and Stella gets upset. Her head gets really sweaty from the plastic, so we have to dry her hair and clean the helmet multiple times a day. Hopefully this helmet thing will only go for a couple months or so.
As of Friday she weighs 17 lb. It is so hard to believe the progress she has made, she's our little miracle. As you'll be able to see, she was NOT happy about the head cast!

She's not happy about things

Side view

Stella giving Daddy a crusty look, (I love this picture) as she sports her new helmet for the first time

At home-wating for lunch to be served

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cranial ultrasound...

Friday Stella had her cranial u/s, because the NP at the Dr.'s office was a little concerned about the fact that her head was growing a little too fast (Macrocephaly) in the last few months. Well, the Radiologist after reviewing the results was not concerned in the least. He was actually somewhat surprised about their concern with it. He said the reason for her head size (which is completely in the norm) is that her body is just catching up with growth, and that's related to her prematurity.
We really like her NP, and we're glad that she's on top of things. Better catch things early than late. Now we're just waiting to see if she qualifies for a molding helmet...which doesn't look like she will. On a scale 1 to 10, they consider 1 to 3 normal, and Stella barely scrapes a 4. The health insurance requires at least a 5 and a half to qualify. We feel that it is our duty as parents to take care of everything we can for her right now, so that later on in life she will have less to worry about.
Well, looks like that's everything for now, but we'll keep updating as Stella's adventure continues...

Going for a walk in her bear outfit

Friday, February 27, 2009

9 month check up...

Today was Stella's 9 month check, and everything looks great. She now weighs 16 lb. and is 26 inches long. The NP said that even though she's a preemie, developmentally she is right on target at 9 months. Stella is a tough little girl, she's not going to let a major heart defect, NEC, or her prematurity set her back. Her little body will keep pushing until she's all the way caught up. Today was also RSV shot day, which she seems to hate more and more each time. Everybody at the Dr.'s office LOVES her! They think she is just the cutest little thing. She was smiling and clapping her hands to all the nurses...she already has them rapped around her finger. The NP suggested that we look into possibly getting her a head molding helmet, it would be strictly for cosmetic purposes. The back of her head is still a little bit flat, nothing major, and she would probably only wear it to bed, and for long naps. We might give it a shot and see how she handles it, if it bugs her too bad, forget it. Next Friday we also have an appointment at PCMC for a cranial ultrasound, to make sure her fontanels aren't closing too fast. Well, I guess this covers everything for today...and for all the other heart friends out there, just know that we are always thinking of you and your families, and hope that you continue to make great progress.

Love-Stefano and Sara

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It has been forever since our last post...

Sorry it has been so long since our last post. Life just has a way of getting in the way sometimes. Stella is funnier and more beautiful everyday. She has come a really long way these past couple months and we could not be more proud of her. Our last visit to Primary's to see Stella's Cardiologist was a great visit. He is so pleased with how well she is doing that we don't need to go back for 6 months. She's been having some issues with loose stool that is a direct result of having half her colon removed. We will soon be seeing a Gastroenterologist to help us out with that. She has been getting her monthly RSV vaccine and so far so good. Just a few days ago we were very excited to see our little monkey's first tooth!! She makes us laugh now when she smiles with her one shiny tooth. Her hair is really starting to grow and it is dark like her Daddy's. She was also lucky enough to get his olive skin. Next to Stefano and Stella I glow because of my paleness. She is sitting up on her own lately and really seems to enjoy not laying down all the time. She also stands as long as we are holding her hand. It is astounding to us how she blossomed when she came home from the NBICU. No child has ever talked as much as Monkey. She constantly has something to say, and most the time she is bossing us around. She loves to clap her hands, and her newest trick is clapping her feet. Stella has a smile that lights up the room and warms the soul. Everyday Stefano and I say how lucky we are to have her. She has made our family complete and we literally don't remember life before she came along. Her nine month check up is this Friday and we will update with her weight, length and so on. Thanks to everyone who cares about our beautiful baby girl. You have all been wonderful friends to us.

Love, Sara and Stefano

She can stand on her own!

The girls

She's SO cute!

Stella at work...

Her first tooth

Little video clip of Stella having a blast