Friday, October 30, 2009

Finally an update!

Finally an update! We know, it's been awhile....seems life has a way of keeping you busy though.
Things have been pretty good lately (cross our fingers), Stella has been walking/Running now for a little over a month and she likes to get into EVERYTHING! We can't turn around one second, and she's either getting into her dirty clothes and spreading them out all over the place or chasing Girl (our dog) around the house harassing her. Stella loves to pretend to talk on the Cell phone, she walks around with it by her ear jabbering away and laughing like she's really carrying on a conversation with someone, it's the funniest thing ever!
Healthwise she's doing great, we are a little worried about this freaking H1N1 virus going around, but hopefully we'll be able to get her vaccinated soon. In my opinion it's just ridiculous how there' re having these mass vaccinations going on, like we're really going to stand outside in the cold for hours with Stella, around possibly sick people. The next thing will be her RVS shots starting in early November, and that should be it for awhile.
A few weeks ago we went to the IHH's Birthday party in Santaquin to a place called Southridge Red Barn (if I remember correctly), there, Stella was able to go and pick her own pumpkin from the patch. She was a little grumpy because of the weather being cold, but we had fun anyway.
It's just amazing how much she has grown, she's a little toddler now. Now we shop for 2T's and soon 3T's! Crazy! Stella is getting funnier and crazier by the day, she has the most amazing personality I've ever seen in a kid.
We sure hope everyone is doing well out there, and hope that your little ones stay clear of nasty viruses that are going around.
We've posted some pictures of Stella's trip to the patch, along with some pumpkin carving shots.

Mommy and Stella browsing the pumpkins

Stella with her blackberry

Mommy and Stella cleaning out the pumpkin

The artist

Stella and Girl in their costumes

She looks so big now

Stella dragging the hamper around the house while spreading clothes