Friday, August 20, 2010

A few Pictures...

Some family pictures we had taken a few weeks ago. Stella wasn't very cooperative for the most part, but we were still able to get some good ones after all.

Stella's next cardiology appointment for an Echo will be on August 30th. Please keep your fingers crossed that everything is still looking good for at least a couple more years.

She's only 2, but you can already see the sweetness in her eyes.

Man she's cute!

Isn't she just beautiful?

Myself and my beautiful wife! I can't believe almost 10 years...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Stella is 2!!!!!!!!

Our little Monkey Stella is now 2 years old!!! We can't believe all this time has already passed since she was born. It's definitely true when people say "Before you know it....". It's been a crazy ride, but we wouldn't change a thing!
We celebrated Stella's birthday with a small party on the day, and then we had an official party where everybody showed up and brought some very nice presents where she had a blast unwrapping. She got - a bubble maker, books (which she loves), double easel, little fishing game, toy cell phone, basketball (that she takes everywhere), etc.
Stella is very smart! Probably a little advanced for her age. She can count to fifteen, she has a HUGE vocabulary - as well as putting 3-4 words together. She has very good fine motor coordination, a little clumsy on her feet at times (Mommy says she gets that from her Dad), but it doesn't stop her from getting right back up, shaking it off, and start running again!
About three weeks ago Sara and I bought a house! It's in bountiful, and it couldn't be more perfect for us. We have great views of the lake and Antelope Island, along with beautiful sunsets. We're not officially moved in yet because we want to get all the painting done and possibly re stain the original hardwood floors. It has a very nice fenced in back yard which eventually will have Stella's new jungle gym. In the evening we can sit out on the patio, with a light breeze, and hear the birds singing. That's it! No traffic or freeway noise! Just like Sara and I like it.

I believe around September - October we have our next cardiology appointment for Stella. At this time we're not too worried about it because she's doing so well....but I guess you never know.

- Sorry for the poor quality on the pictures, I could not find the battery charger for the good camera :) -

Our new home!

Patio (Nice and green now)

Stella going down the slide at the park

Playing in the sand

At Layton's Hill Mall

Childrens place

At the park (New purse and sunglasses)

At Home Depot

At RC Willey hugging the big mean bear

Stella hanging out

My Beautiful girls!

Ice cream cake from baskin' Robins

Opening presents

More presents

Sporting her new girl accessories

At Macy's, dancing in the mirror

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Well, here we are, a new year with new adventures. We sure hope 2010 brings good things to everyone out there...especially us. Stella had a great time on Christmas, she got some really cool presents from Santa and had a fun time playing with her cousins and entertaining everyone with her new song "YAA-TEE-TEE, YAA-TEE-TEE". She was able to get everyone involved whether they liked it or not - very addicting song. I know that once Stella grows up, we'll miss all the fun and cute things that she does right now.
She is a very smart little girl, she's highly observant, she loves to read books, and seems to learn a new word everyday. Sara and I have to constantly chase her everywhere, I think she's trying to break us down to where we'll do anything she wants. She definitely has me wrapped around her little pinkie finger. I love her to death.

Stella is no longer naive about the Dr.'s office and what happens there. She is now well aware of the fact that when we lay her down on the exam bed, pain will most likely soon follow. She starts to frantically look around as to look for an escape route, when she fails to locate one, she starts to scream bloody murder all the way until we put her clothes back on and leave. It's heart breaking, but it's for her best.
I think that covers most of it for now, we hope everyone out there had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Stella shopping - Very funny!

Stella the Entertainer - "YAA-TEE-TEE"

Reading a book on her new Tinkerbell chair

Climbing up the slide on her new Kangaroo climber

On top of the world!

Stella on her horse, making a funny face and holding a hair brush