Friday, February 27, 2009

9 month check up...

Today was Stella's 9 month check, and everything looks great. She now weighs 16 lb. and is 26 inches long. The NP said that even though she's a preemie, developmentally she is right on target at 9 months. Stella is a tough little girl, she's not going to let a major heart defect, NEC, or her prematurity set her back. Her little body will keep pushing until she's all the way caught up. Today was also RSV shot day, which she seems to hate more and more each time. Everybody at the Dr.'s office LOVES her! They think she is just the cutest little thing. She was smiling and clapping her hands to all the nurses...she already has them rapped around her finger. The NP suggested that we look into possibly getting her a head molding helmet, it would be strictly for cosmetic purposes. The back of her head is still a little bit flat, nothing major, and she would probably only wear it to bed, and for long naps. We might give it a shot and see how she handles it, if it bugs her too bad, forget it. Next Friday we also have an appointment at PCMC for a cranial ultrasound, to make sure her fontanels aren't closing too fast. Well, I guess this covers everything for today...and for all the other heart friends out there, just know that we are always thinking of you and your families, and hope that you continue to make great progress.

Love-Stefano and Sara