Monday, March 30, 2009

Stella's new space helmet...

Well...after all looks like Stella did qualify for a remolding helmet! The Prosthetist (person who gets the mold and fits the helmet) at -Fit-well- in Salt Lake City was pretty sure she wasn't going to qualify, but at the end she did. We are really exited about it, and at the same time a little sad for her. The thought of her having to go through more discomfort, considering everything she's already been through, really makes it hard to do. Stella being as tough as she is, got used to it within a couple hours. The helmet is made of plastic, so when we first put it on it's cold, and Stella gets upset. Her head gets really sweaty from the plastic, so we have to dry her hair and clean the helmet multiple times a day. Hopefully this helmet thing will only go for a couple months or so.
As of Friday she weighs 17 lb. It is so hard to believe the progress she has made, she's our little miracle. As you'll be able to see, she was NOT happy about the head cast!

She's not happy about things

Side view

Stella giving Daddy a crusty look, (I love this picture) as she sports her new helmet for the first time

At home-wating for lunch to be served


Christina said...

She is so cute. Good job Stella!

carolyn q said...

Oh my goodness those pictures of her in her helmet make my heart just melt. I am sorry that she has to have the discomfort of this, but this to will pass and before long, it will be just a memory.
Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you all.
WOW. . it's amazing what a year has brought in your life and all the strength you have gained. Of course, it wasn't fun getting there though!

Mike and Rebecca said...

Stella is so darn cute, I can't believe how big shes getting. You guys are amazing parents, I will never forget the ups and downs of her journey and her very strong will to keep fighting. Happy Easter Stella!!!


Earl said...

Sorry it took so long to respond.
She is getting cuter as she gets older. I see she still knows how to work that lower lip.