Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fun at home...


Stella finds Daddy hilarious!


Stella's first attempt at rice cereal...

I have been home from the hospital since Friday morning. The surgery went well and now I am just really sore. Stefano has been off all week to take care of Stella and he has been a very busy boy!!! We had a really nice Thanksgiving and Stella was the center of attention, of course. The next morning I went Christmas shopping with my mom and sisters at 4:00am. We shopped til we dropped and had a great day!! Princess Stella Marie is doing wonderfully! She is the happiest baby and her personality is hilarious!!! Everything she does makes us laugh and it is a dream come true to have her home with us. As of yesterday she is 12.9 lbs and easily gaining the weight that we worried she would never gain. Life is much more beautiful since Stella has been in it.


Casey, Aubrey, & Jack said...

She looks amazing!! She's cute and chubby,I love it. I remember how exciting it was when my little Jack ate rice cereal for the first time. She looks so happy. I am glad your surgery went well Sara, hope you will start feeling better soon. That is great that Stella is gaining weight so well, she looks very healthy. Take care and will see you again sometime.