Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quick update on Sara's surgery...

Mommy always knows best...

A proud Dad of a tough little girl!

She'll eventually outgrow it.

She likes to play on her swing.

Stella working out on her mat.

Wearing her hat makes her smile.

Sara had her surgery Monday morning, and everything went really well. It was not an easy one, and there were lots of things to take in consideration before making that decision. She is still in lots of pain, and was pretty sick at her stomach most of the day. When I brought Stella to visit Mommy yesterday, she immediately felt better. It's amazing how some things work...
Hopefully she'll be able to come home Wednesday afternoon, if not, it's going to be Thursday morning. -(Can't wait!) (So can't Stella!)- Stella is really missing her Mommy, she keeps glancing around the room as if something is not right, then looks at me with a big question mark on her head.

Stella is doing great, she keeps gaining weight. She is probably a little over 12 lbs. right now. We have a Dr's Appointment on Friday so she can get her monthly RSV shot, and hopefully they'll want to start some solids as well.


Hilary said...

We will be praying for a quick recovery. Rest and relax and catch up on a book or watch some movies. Much love, Hilary Cook

Mike and Rebecca said...

I hope things continue to get better for Sara, we will be praying for a quick recovery. I'm glad to hear that Stella is doing so well and gaining weight. If you need anything let me know!